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Over the last decade, we have created some beautiful African weddings. As Nigerian wedding planners, we understand the importance of two families, sometimes two tribes coming together.

We have designed and coordinated some of the most colourful events, full of love and life. African weddings are created with such passion so our designs are created with statement patterns and bold colours.

As Nigerian wedding planners, we appreciate African traditions and rituals. We work with chefs to create unique food menus and we ensure the music is vibrant and loud. At Couture Events Worldwide, we are experienced in large weddings, which is very common in African celebrations.

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Why Choose Us?

Cultural Expertise: With an in-depth understanding of Nigerian traditions, we create wedding that perfectly compliment your roots while adding a modern touch that resonates with your vision.

Elegant Venues: Whether you envision a traditional Yoruba engagement or an Igbo wedding, we curate venues that perfectly capture the essence of your culture, offering the ideal backdrop for your celebrations.

Authentic Decor: Our skilled designers draw inspiration from Nigerian artistry, incorporating vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and meaningful symbols into your decor, creating an ambiance that’s both striking and meaningful.

Personalized Touches: Your love story is unique, and we believe your wedding should reflect that. Our Nigerian wedding planners add personalized touches that narrate your journey and make your celebration truly one-of-a-kind.



From Day one, Couture Events Worldwide became an integral part of our wedding journey. Their constant support, patience (especially for putting up with my many changes!), and genuine enthusiasm for our happiness made us feel like we were working with friends. The day was absolutley perfect. We didn’t have to worry about one thing other than dancing the night away! Thank you Hannah for absolutley everything!

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