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You may have already planned the majority of your event and you are just looking for event styling and designers to bring your ideas to life. We have worked with some incredible families and brands doing just this.

You can send us a brief and basic mood board and our incredible team of designers work on your concept and give it a ‘Couture Makeover’. We work with colours, florals, patterns, and different materials to create the ultimate style.

We provide our clients with a wide range of rental furniture, both for adults and children. And, we are able to match them to suit your mood board.



I told Hannah and her team from the beginning that I am a very hands-on and particular person when it comes to creating events in my home. The team have been so professional and made sure I have played a part in every step of the journey. I really couldn’t recommend them enough. They are extremely talented event stylist and designers and I am looking forward to our next event together.

Salma, Private Villa, Abu Dhabi

Your event stylist and designers

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