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Desert events in dubai

Being based in the arguably the best ‘desert’ in the world, we have taken our clients ideas and transformed them into the most magical desert events in Dubai. We have held BBQs, vow renewals, we’ve even taken large corporate groups of over 200 to enjoy the natural landscapes of the country.

For any desert event, we concentrate on the overall design and decoration and source the perfect entertainment solutions as well as catering to ensure the event not only looks beautiful but that the guests have a truly memorable experience.



Al Maha Night was a labor of love from this team. After our site visit, we literally scrapped the entire plan & started from scratch. Instead of making a fuss or saying no – we jumped right to work on the safari concept and in less than 10 business days, you pulled off one of the most beautiful desert dinners I have ever seen.

The locals in Dubai said they had never been to a desert dinner like this in their life. The visitors were in awe of what you were able to pull off in the middle of the sand dunes.

I am so proud of this event as a whole but especially tonight because we elevated & transformed this evening into something we didn’t know was even possible.

Katherin – 2Xceed

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