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We understand that every brand and company have different mission statements and core values. It is essential that a client’s event is aligned with their value proposition.

We work closely with our clients to understand their event objectives  so we can focus on meeting the end goal. 

From years of experience we have seen that effective and successful events are not always from the most expensive.

It is imperative that we consider a number of factors so that we can help our clients measure the return on their investment.


Important Factors we consider

What do you need help with the most?

  • Interpreting your personal company mission and core values and aligning them to your ideal customers.
  • How to create the best event for your brand and business goals.
  • Complete company audit to optimize your event objectives.
  • Creating a cohesive event plan to attract new customers and continue growing customer loyalty as well as possible brand partnerships
  • Maximize engagement in a comfortable event atmosphere to encourage customer spending where applicable.
  • How to maximize marketing before the event, during and after.
  • Monetization strategies & full budget planning.
  • How to network with potential clients, peers, and brands during the event.
  • How to create and increase your customer community with online events.
  • How to manage your time wisely to prevent stress & burnout
  • How to choose the best day, week, month for your events.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls many businesses fall in to when planning an event.

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