The last few weeks have not been easy. Nearly every industry in the world has been impacted by Covid-19. It has been heartbreaking to watch friends and event professionals lose their jobs or have their salaries cut.

I have been watching industry leaders from all over the world come together and offer their expertise to help their fellow peers. I’ve watched endless live videos and Zoom calls and seen the generosity of so many. It has made me really proud to work in events.

From London to China, Italy to Japan, America to Australia, everyone has tried to play a part and I couldn’t stop thinking it was my turn.

There is nothing better than feeling connected to your event family. Summits such as the Dubai Wedding Summit hosted by Weddings Online or DWP hosted by QnA are moments that really bring us all together.

I wanted to create an online platform that had the capacity to do the same thing: Bring us all together. 

We are all at home. 

In lockdown. 

Some of us need motivation. Some of us need to readjust our sails to take a new direction.

And I was adamant I could do it! Consequently, The Online Worldwide Wedding Summit was born. 

So far we have covered the following topics:

  • How to use Instagram more efficiently
  • How to create a successful YouTube channel
  • The world of Pinterest
  • The secrets to blogging
  • Business strategies during lockdown
  • Optimising Zoom/Video calls for business
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Moving from 1-100 weddings per year

The summit is a totally free group for you to join and the next one will be taking place on 21st May 2020. In the next summit we will covering some new and exciting topics including:

  • Networking during lockdown
  • TikTok for businesses
  • Social media content creation
  • Creating successful Instagram stories
  • Detailed 3-6 month business strategies

Come and join us for a fun filled day full of insight and knowledge that you can use to adapt and remodel your business in the current pandemic.

Click the LINK for the group and we cannot wait to see you then.

Keep focused. We are all in this together.

Lots of love.

Hannah x